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Canalslam 2017

1Paul Beechey26:20 (2nd)25:48 (1st)22:24 (1st)74:32
2Paul Ali31:43 (8th)29:08 (3rd)22:24 (1st)83:15
3John Stocker28:43 (4th)30:15 (5th)25:49 (3rd)84:47
4Pete Summers31:34 (7th)31:12 (7th)25:51 (4th)88:37
5Thomas Steenberg34:01 (13th)31:45 (9th)30:38 (7th)96:24
6Javier Rio Rodriguez32:42 (9th)36:51 (18th)29:15 (5th)98:48
7Simon Prytherch33:24 (11th)39:34 (22nd)31:26 (10th)104:24
8David Allan36:40 (22nd)39:34 (22nd)31:26 (10th)107:40
9Kevin Shelton-Smith38:38 (36th)40:25 (26th)31:28 (13th)110:31
10Thomas Kokholm35:59 (19th)38:57 (20th)36:48 (28th)111:44
11Andy Ives37:14 (30th)38:44 (19th)35:55 (26th)111:53
12Alan Myles36:08 (20th)42:35 (29th)34:39 (20th)113:22
13Rudi Vanden Berghe38:45 (38th)42:16 (28th)32:40 (15th)113:41
14Pete Chandler38:38 (37th)42:55 (31st)36:12 (27th)117:45
15Peter Johnson40:08 (45th)43:32 (34th)35:40 (25th)119:20
16Jon Aston43:50 (63rd)40:44 (27th)38:00 (32nd)122:34
17Bernd Rohrmann42:19 (55th)44:22 (35th)38:47 (34th)125:28

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