Welcome to the official website of Britain’s longest 100 mile-plus, non-stop, point-to-point, towpath ultra running races – the Grand Union Canal Race (GUCR 145), Kennet & Avon Canal Race (KACR 145) and the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Race (LLCR 130). The low-key “Canalslam” totalling over 400 miles is organised and staffed by volunteers and maintained on a not-for-profit basis by Canalrace Community Interest Company.

Grand Union Canal 145 mile Race (GUCR) 2021

Birmingham – London

“The Long Run”

Saturday 29th May 2021 06:00 at Gas Street, Birmingham

Regarded by many as Britain’s premier Ultra, this is a 145 mile continuous race from Gas Street Basin in the Centre of Birmingham, to Little Venice in the heart of London.  Run entirely on the waymarked Grand Union Canal Towpath, the easy to navigate, and relatively flat route, takes runners through a variety of urban and rural scenery – there should be something for everyone.

Kennet & Avon Canal 145 mile Race (KACR) 2021

London – Bristol

“The Great Western Run”

Friday 23rd July 2021 06:00 at Delamere Terrace, Little Venice, London

Organised on the same lines as the GUCR, this 145 mile race follows easy to navigate canal, river and railway paths. Competitors receive comprehensive maps of the entire route which passes through some of the best of English countryside. On the way runners “descend” the magnificent Caen Hill flight of 29 locks, a drop of 237 feet in 2 miles, one of the “Seven Wonders of the Waterways” and well worth seeing.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal 130 mile Race (LLCR) 2021

Liverpool – Leeds

“The Trans-Pennine Run”

Saturday 28th August 2021 06:00 at Old Hall St, Liverpool

From the Start at Old Hall Street Liverpool, to the Finish at Office Lock Leeds, the 130 mile towpath course follows the original Leeds & Liverpool Canal – Britain’s longest man-made waterway.  Although it passes through the heartlands of the “Industrial North”, the path is surprisingly scenic.  As well as the beautiful countryside, the route features the mile long Burnley Embankment (up to 60 feet above ground level) and the amazing Bingley Five Rise staircase.  Both are listed among the “Seven Wonders of the Waterways”.

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2020 Company Report and Financial Statements

Canalrace Community Interest Company's annual report (CIC 34) and financial statements for the year ended 30 September 2020 are now filed and can be found on the Companies House website here. See filing dated 24 Dec 2020. Keith

GUCR 2021 Provisional Entry List

Below is the provisional list of runners for the 2021 Grand Union Canal Race allocated from the 275 entries received. Competitors that have paid their race-fees to confirm their place can be found on the GUCR Entry List. Matthew Aitken Paul Ali Allan Anderson Lewis...

2021 Canalrace Season Entry Notes (updated 1 January)

1 January 2021 KACR 2021 entries will close at 160 participants, or on 31 January 2021, whichever is reached first - there are 16 places currently remaining. Once the participant limit or cutoff date is reached, there will be no waiting list for places. 5 November...

Harry’s 1993 Report (the first GUCR)

Harry Townsend's report of the first ever GUCR. This is how it all started. Birmingham to London 145.4 miles July 31st and August 1st 1993 The Grand Union Canal Race was the logical way to celebrate the opening of the first British Waterways Walk along the full 145.4...

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