Leeds & Liverpool Canal

130 Mile Race

Liverpool - Leeds

LLCR 2020 | Saturday 29th August 2020 06:00 at Old Hall St, Liverpool

How to Enter the LLCR

We welcome any old Tom, Dick, or Harriet who fancies a crack at it, without any qualifying criteria or previous ultra experience; just a marathon has proven enough. A strong will and desire to give it your best shot is all that is needed.

Canalrace Ultra Events are here for all abilities. Whether a first time novice or world class star, you are welcomed to these challenges by some of the friendliest volunteers you’re ever likely to meet.

If you’re thinking, “It’s a long way, I’ve never run that far before.” Well, no-one has until they give it a go! Maybe it’s just because you haven’t tried. What’s the worst than can happen? Should you have a bad day and have to retire, we’ll give you a lift to set you on your journey home – a ride in our sweeper’s bus really isn’t so bad.

If navigation is an issue and you find it hard to follow a route, we’ve put a canal or river next to almost all of them for you to follow. Just to be doubly sure, you’ll get detailed, waterproof maps of the whole route along with your other race information.

If carrying your kit all that way is daunting, fear not! We have experienced handlers who take pride in making your bag available at each of the checkpoints along the way. Whilst there you’ll have time for food, drink, a rest, and even a change of kit, and still be inside our generous cut-offs.

Before you enter, please ensure you have:-

N.B. deadline for entry via SiEntries is end of 31st July 2020.

Unsupported (tended by organisers) entries are limited to 55 in order to achieve max 50 Unsupporteds by race day.

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