After a lightning start, Paul Maskell maintained his lead all the way to the finish with a winning time of 25h 35m

1st Paul Maskell 25:35
2nd Sergey Ionov 26:20
3rd Stu Wilkie 30:44
4th Patrick McGuiness 31:05
5th Iain Stewart 31:28
6th Stephen Walker 31:32
7th Katrin Grieger 31:47 (Ladies Winner)
7th Matthias Grieger 31:47
9th Nathan Taylor 32:19
10th Sam Jelfs 32:22
11th Mark Bissett 32:30
12th Rodrigo Freeman Lopez 33:10
13th Steve Snow 33:11
14th Mark Shuttleworth 34:11
15th Emily Foy 34:34 (2nd lady)
16th Paul Ali 35:13
17th Jeff Bolton 36:30
18th Stephen Turner 36:35
19th Peter Pender-Cudlip 37:03
20th Ben Leigh-Brown 37:30
21st Marcin Krzysztofik 37:45
22nd Mark Atkinson 38:00
23rd Paul Gilbertson 38:25
24th Chris Larmour 38:47
25th James Bennett 38:50
26th Javed Bhatti 39:05
27th Apryl Hammett 39:18
28th Naomi Moss 39:35
29th Peter Johnson 39:36
30th Russ TullettĀ 39:50
31st Kenneth Donaldson 40:01
32nd Phil Bradburn 40:38
32nd Matthew Bowers 40:38
32nd David Allan 40:38
32nd Andy Ives 40:38
36th Rudi Vanden Berghe 40:55
37th Stuart Shipley 41:33
38th Matt Griffiths 41:44
39th Rhys Jenkins 41:55
40th Fiona McNellis 42:55
41st Brian Finlay 42:58
42nd Murray Darnley 43:00
43rd Alan Rumbles 43:15
44th Christine Schroeder 43:40
45th Horace Shuriah 43:46
46th Mark Boswell 44:02
47th Ian Shelley 42:03
48th Mark Thornberry 44:10
49th Georgina Townsend 44:15
50th Scott Jenkins 44:16
51st Debbie Jewson 44:35
52nd Tom Mann 44:37
53rd Kate Jayden 44:40
54th Omar Khan

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