Fabio Rizzo Cascio wins in 28h 49m and Wendy Shaw becomes the new ladies record holder, finishing in 32h 46m

1 Fabio Rizzo Cascio 28h 49m
2 Mich Hardie 30h 10m
3 Pete Summers 31h 20m
4 James Bennett 31h 58m
5 Stu Wilkie 32h 37m
6 Wendy Shaw 32h 46m Ladies Winner
7 David Betteridge 33h 30m
7 Helen Pike 33h 30m 2nd Lady
9 Chris Spurling 34h 03m
9 Darren Strachan 34h 03m
11 James Ellis 35h 17m
12 Ian Kittle 35h 22m
13 Michael Wiggins 35h 55m
14 Rhys Jenkins 36h 06m
15 Andy Persson 36h 08m
16 Natasha Farid 36h 25m 3rd Lady
17 Mark Bissett 36h 48m
18 David Stuart 37h 43m
19 Rod Viggers 38h 07m
20 Phil Bradburn 38h 32m
21 Carl Zalek 39h 19m
22 Grahame Shaddick 40h 52m
23 Javed Bhatti 41h 16m
24 Mark Coutts 41h 40m
25 Jan Davies 42h 27m
26 Andy Ives 42h 42m
27 Georgina Townsend 42h 47m
28 Allan Rumbles 42h 51m
29 Fiona McNelis 43h 17m
29 Robert Whitehead 43h 17m
31 Nicole Atkinson 43h 55m
32 Ed Blakey 44h 19m
33 Bruce Storrie 44h 31m

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