Brian Robb arrived back in Coventry Canal Basin in 20 hours 28 minutes to win the first Warwickshire Ring Canal Race. Emily Hoffmann is 1st Lady in 24 hours 40 minutes. Congratulations to all finishers.

Official results can be found here and the newly created Hall of Fame here.

46 Finishers. 68 Starters.

Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their journey:

WRCR 2022 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Justin Brown Sat @ 12:12 Bridge 52, mile 21.5 Hip pain
Martin Ilott Sat @ 13:18 CP1, 26.5 miles Hasn't got the legs today.
Jon Aston Sat @ 16:47 Hanson's Bridge, Birmingham and Fazeley Canal Unwell
Rajeev Patel Sat @ 18:41 Mile 40 Moving too slow, in an Uber so the checkpoint don’t have to wait
Imke Siegerist Sat @ 19:35 Bridge 86a, mile 45 Blisters
Todd Mize Sat @ 19:40 CP2 Shin splints
Andy Snow Sat @ 19:43 Kingswood Bridge, mile 56 Sore hip
Ellen Norris Sat @ 19:45 CP2 Not fully recovered from last race
John Poole Sat @ 20:15 CP2 Legs have gone
Claire Bishop Sat @ 20:51 Bridge 71, GUC Unwell and painful legs
Gordon Richards Sat @ 21:30 Bridge 71, GUC Can't stay on my feet
Paul Perratt Sun @ 00:52 CP3 Legs aren't up to it
Ezra Miellet Sun @ 01:34 70 miles Legs are exhausted
Deborah Jewson Sun @ 01:37 Hatton Locks Too slow, no energy
Michele Whiffen Sun @ 01:52 Mile 66 Fell a couple of times
Murat Agus Sun @ 03:03 Bridge 27 GUC Too slow
Bharat Rai Sun @ 03:03 Bridge 27 GUC Too slow
Stephen Savage Sun @ 04:05 CP3 After the cut off time
Mathew Hinks Sun @ 04:10 CP3 After the cut off time
Peter Johnson Sun @ 04:26 CP3 After the cut off time
Chris Leonard Sun @ 04:38 CP3 After the cut off time
Simon Robinson Sun @ 07:00 CP4 Knee injury
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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