Alex Whearity has crossed the Finish line at Little Venice in a time of 25 hours and 8 minutes and becomes the fourth fastest finisher in the 25 year history of the GUCR. Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here. 97 Starters. 52 Finishers.

Alex Whearity Ali Young

Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their planned journey along the Grand Union Canal:

GUCR 2019 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Eddie Mills Sat @ 11:46 CP2 Missed cutoff
Nathan Taylor Sat @ 12:15 CP3
Stephen Bignell Sat @ 14:25 CP3 Had enough
Andy O'Grady Sat @ 15:00 Just after CP3 Too hot
Ian Thomas Sat @ 15:35 Between CP2 and CP3 Fall and tight hamstring
Jim Burn Sat @ 17:50 CP5 Not feeling it
Steven Burch Sat @ 18:00 CP4
Matt Clements Sat @ 18:19 Just North of Stoke Bruerne Knee injury
Ollie Goulden Sat @ 19:09 Bridge 47 Injured foot
John Poole Sat @ 19:15 CP4 Had enough
Nikola Coutts Sat @ 19:25 CP4 Dehydration
David Rose Sat @ 19:37 CP4
Niall Dinwoodie Sat @ 19:40 CP4 Missed cutoff
Peter Kronester Sat @ 21:35 Between CP6 and CP7 The body and mind says no
Nathan Flear Sat @ 21:36 CP6 Had a long day
John MacDougall Sat @ 22:30 CP6 Hips won’t go any further
Pete Chandler Sat @ 22:39 CP5 Hurt calf
Mark Fox Sat @ 22:45 Pulled groin
Jeremy Hunter Sat @ 23:03 CP5 Ankle locked up
Hasan Ocakli Sat @ 23:09 CP5 No energy left
Alan Myles Sat @ 23:50 Shell Garage Wrong turn up Northampton arm, out of time to get to CP5
Ettienne De Beer Sun @ 00:09 CP6 Sickness
Melissa Venables Sun @ 00:44 CP6 Not my day
Thomas Herbert Kokholm Sun @ 01:00 1 mile from CP5 missed cutoff
Marc Vervoort Sun @ 01:05 CP5
Jennifer Sangster Sun @ 01:24 Just before CP7 Shin splints
Derren Peters Sun @ 01:26 74 miles Knee injured
Helen Pike Sun @ 02:20 Tesco Leighton Buzzard Dizzy
Vincent O'Brien Sun @ 03:09 76 miles
Paul Adams Sun @ 03:40 Nothing left
David Gillespie Sun @ 03:42 CP7 Had enough
Rhys Glide Sun @ 04:05 Sickness
Daniel Del Piccolo Sun @ 05:20 CP7
David Barker Sun @ 05:20 CP7 Injury
Otto Karhunen Sun @ 05:29 CP7 Had enough for today
Keith Burge Sun @ 08:50 Hemel Hempstead
David Liddall Sun @ 09:10 CP7 Legs had enough
Laura Watts Sun @ 09:15 108 miles Battered
Alistair Potter Sun @ 09:35 Ivinghoe Injured ankle
Mark Haynes Sun @ 10:35 CP7 Done
Deborah Jewson Sun @ 12:36 CP7 Missed cutoff
Dawn Gardner Sun @ 13:29 Cowley Lock Legs
Edward Blakey Sun @ 16:05 Kings Langley Feet are terrible
Ian Shelley Sun @ 16:41 Coxley Green In pieces
Tim Royall Sun @ 16:56 Bridge 180 Hurt knee
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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