Ugis Datavs returned to the canal races to go one better and win the inaugural London to Bristol (as he had promised the organiser), arriving at the Lightship John Sebastian in 26 hours 56 minutes. Frances Evans was first lady in 38 hours 12 minutes. Congratulations to all finishers.

Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here.

74 Starters. 39 Finishers.

KACR 2021 Winners

Photo credits: Andy Persson

Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their planned journey from London to Bristol:

KACR 2021 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Denise Whyte Fri @ 12:10 CP2 Too hot for us
Jon Whyte Fri @ 12:10 CP2 Too hot for us
Henry Bradley Fri @ 12:37 just before CP2 Missed cutoff
Catherine Simpson Fri @ 14:43 Mill bridge Injury
Ian Jarvis Fri @ 16:15 CP3 Ankles killing
Karen Peck Fri @ 16:32 Hurley lock Not going to make cutoff
Chris Edmonds Fri @ 16:33 CP3 Missed cutoff
Richard Cranswick Fri @ 16:33 CP3 Missed cuttoff
Billy Clark Fri @ 18:14 Baskerville Arms Too hot
Neil Wheeler Fri @ 20:28 CP4 Heat and a few niggles
Patrick McGuinness Fri @ 20:41 CP4 Bad knee
Alzbeta Benn Fri @ 20:48 CP4 Missed cutoff
David Allan Fri @ 21:07 CP4 Missed cutoff
Nikki Coleman Fri @ 21:09 CP4 Missed cuttoff
Mark Lutman Fri @ 21:10 CP4 Missed cuttoff
Rod Viggers Fri @ 21:21 59 miles Sickness
Sergejs Malins Fri @ 23:26 79 miles Too tired, no excuse
Romans Cernenko Fri @ 23:26 79 miles Too tired, no excuse
John Nelms Fri @ 23:49 CP5
Liz Chamberlayne Fri @ 23:59 CP5 Sore feet
Carl Zalek Fri @ 23:59 CP5 Too buggered to go any further
Edward Blakey Sat @ 00:37 2 miles before CP5 Not moving quickly enough to make cuttoff
Mark Boxwell Sat @ 00:37 2 miles before CP5 Not moving quickly enough to make cuttoff
Gordon Richards Sat @ 00:50 CP5 Exhausted
Kirstie Carr Sat @ 00:59 Thatcham station Not going to make CP5 cutoff
Phillip Kynaston Sat @ 02:35 78 miles
Nathan Evans Sat @ 05:20 Between CP5 and 6 Fall
Alistair Potter Sat @ 08:20 Bridge 108 Sickness
Luke Allen Sat @ 11:00 Waterside Inn Not going to make next cutoff
Francis Graham-Dixon Sat @ 11:31 Barge Inn Issue with knee
Kate Hayden Sat @ 15:08 just before Bath Back injury
Ben Davies Sat @ 16:00 Bridge 139 Bit of a mess
Pete Hammond Sat @ 18:44 125 miles Back locked up
Mark Moore Sat @ 23:59 CP6
John Cooper Sun @ 00:29 just after CP9
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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