Ian Hammett went one better to win his first Canalrace in 26h 30m. Julie Bethune was First Lady, arriving in Bathurst Basin in 36h 10m. Congratulations to all finishers.

Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here.

70 Starters. 38 Finishers.

Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their journey:

KACR 2022 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Tony Horne Fri @ 12:28 Bridge 187 GUC Missed Slough Arm turn, unable to make CP2 before cut off.
Elliot Jenkins Fri @ 14:05 Mile 35 Problem with knee
Edward Knudsen Fri @ 16:04 Mile 58 Injured foot
Ian Jarvis Fri @ 16:14 CP3 Achilles injury
Stefan Olsson Fri @ 16:42 CP3 Not so good at navigating as I thought. Missed the cut off time
Ivan Bretan Fri @ 18:50 CP4 Legs not working.
Karen Peck Fri @ 19:15 Sonning Bridge Feeling very unwell.
Phil Briley Fri @ 19:53 Dundas Arms Sickness
Mark Coutts Fri @ 20:18 CP4 Shattered, had enough and got a bad tooth.
James Prestidge Fri @ 20:46 CP4 Timed out
Paul Wilkins Fri @ 21:59 Mile 65. Rowbarge Sickness
Daniel Albon Fri @ 22:04 Sheffield bottom lock. Mile 59 Moving too slowly.
Christian Garvey Fri @ 22:17 CP5 Piles
Harry Madgwick Lawton Fri @ 22:17 CP5 Pretty knackered
Sergejs Malins Fri @ 22:24 CP5 Problem with leg
Billy Clark Fri @ 22:44 63 miles Done in
Fiona McNelis Sat @ 00:50 CP5 Not feeling too great
Edward Blakey Sat @ 01:52 Mile 73 Feet issues
David Steed Sat @ 02:22 Mile 84 Moving too slowly
Annabelle Lancaster Sat @ 05:00 Dunmill Lock Moving slowly
Ian Sinclair Sat @ 05:14 CP6 Too old and slow
Simon Staples Sat @ 05:18 CP5 Needs to catch up on love island
Oliver Delve Sat @ 06:08 CP7 Lost all energy
Melissa Montague Sat @ 07:45 CP7 Sickness
Darren Ryan Sat @ 08:22 CP7 Don't feel very good.
Angelo Mastropietro Sat @ 09:15 Mile 90 Feet have taken a battering
Rod Viggers Sat @ 10:47 Caen hill locks Blisters
Nicole Atkinson Sat @ 11:57 110 miles Recently unwell, last 20 a bit of a struggle.
Roz Glover Sat @ 13:00 Bridge 134 Falling asleep
Natasha Farid Sat @ 14:26 Mile 124 Don't feel too good
Alf Batchelor Sat @ 15:10 Foxhanger Wharf Sickness
Manuel Nicolaus Sat @ 17:35 CP8 Feeling hot and cold
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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