Justin Montague has smashed the London to Bristol course record, winning his first canal race on the third attempt, in a time of 24 hours 30 minutes. Incredibly, Michelle White has also wiped nearly two hours off the ladies record, arriving at Bathurst Basin in 30 hours 52 minutes. Congratulations to all finishers.


Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here.

55 Starters. 27 Finishers.

Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their journey:

KACR 2023 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Jonni Suckling Fri @ 06:20 Mile 1 Injury. Returned to the start.
Luke Carter Fri @ 12:03 CP1 Not recovered from a run last weekend.
Edward Blakey Fri @ 14:31 Mile 35 Heel injury.
Jason Balecke Fri @ 14:43 Mile 35 Knees are shot.
Ben Cook Fri @ 18:12 CP2 Not enjoying it
Paul Zak Fri @ 18:18 CP2 Bad back
Kieran Walshe Fri @ 18:34 CP2 Last few miles very painful
Mark Boxwell Fri @ 19:10 CP2 Ankle injury
Piers Mulroney Fri @ 19:23 CP2 Legs are tired
Mark Coutts Fri @ 19:30 CP2 Can't be arsed
Richard Wilcox Fri @ 19:32
Elizabeth Fowler Fri @ 19:35 Just before checkpoint 2 Will not make the cut off time.
Elliot Jenkins Fri @ 19:35 CP2 Very tired
Bruce Moore Fri @ 22:19 Between CP 2 and 3 Fell over, no injury.
Andy Day Fri @ 22:55 Mile 85 Legs are dead
Robert Tugwell Fri @ 23:53 Mile 64 Moving slowly
Hasan Uctas Fri @ 23:53 CP3 Legs not holding up
Cathy Harrison Fri @ 23:54 CP3 Timed self out in the check point
Sandra Tullett Sat @ 01:07 CP3 Achilles injury
James White Sat @ 01:11 CP3 Ran out of steam
Maria Cowie Sat @ 02:40 CP3 Absolutely Knackered
Stefan Olsson Sat @ 04:05 CP3 Missed the cut off time
Yonatan Barkay Sat @ 05:20 CP3 Couldn’t get going again after sleeping
Zosia Young Sat @ 05:35 Bridge 91 Leg injury
Michael Hassan-Green Sat @ 06:48 Bridge 95 Blisters, cold and tired
Jack Mills Sat @ 07:21 CP4 Calf has gone
Stuart Jay Sat @ 08:28 mile 94 Bad feet from the rain
Alf Batchelor Sat @ 20:30 Bridge 188 Moving slowly
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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