Belgrave Harriers’ Sam Amend wins this Platinum Jubilee weekend in a new ladies record time of 25 hours 45 minutes! Ian Hammett is 1st Man, arriving at Little Venice in 27 hours 48 minutes. Congratulations to all finishers.

Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here.

98 Starters. 53 Finishers.

GUCR 2022 Winners


Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their planned journey from Birmingham to London:

GUCR 2022 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Tom Kerrigan Fri @ 11:48 Hatton Locks Missed cuttoff
Ryan Manish Deol Fri @ 15:04 Birdingbury Bridge Pretty tired
Steve Feary Fri @ 15:20 CP3 Comedy of errors
Simon Hibbott Fri @ 15:39 CP3 Timed out, mixed feelings
Chris Caimino Fri @ 16:17 Not feeling well. Not eating or drinking
Wendy Whearity Fri @ 16:39 Heart of England Not feeling it
Daniel (Dan) Mullin Fri @ 16:43 Jackson’s bridge bridge 41 Foot injury
Mark Anslow Fri @ 18:18 New Inn Knee and hip problems
Karl Gough Fri @ 19:38 Weedon Missed cuttoff, walking in, half a mile away from HoE
Justin Gilmore Fri @ 19:42 2 miles before Navigation Inn Exhausted and had enough
Jonathan (Jon) Steele Fri @ 20:09 Weedon “I’m too fat and slow” (tucking in to cake)
Pete Summers Fri @ 20:25 Navigation Inn Can’t keep food down
Tim Gardiner Fri @ 21:55 somewhere between 60 and 70 miles Injury
Tom Boother Fri @ 22:32 Navigation Inn Falls and feeling queazy
Tracey Newman Fri @ 22:34 North end of Blisworth tunnel Heads not in it
Paul Zak Fri @ 22:43 Navigation Inn Groin and back gone
Shawn Timmons Fri @ 23:18 65 miles Moving too slowly
John Duggan Fri @ 23:24 Navigation Inn Stomach problems
Edward (Ed) Blakey Sat @ 00:04 Stoke Bruerne Problem with heel
Ian Shelley Sat @ 00:11 Navigation Inn Don’t want it enough
Mark Coutts Sat @ 00:12 Navigation Inn Had enough
David Allan Sat @ 00:23 Navigation Inn Family crisis
Mick Barnes Sat @ 00:59 1.5 miles from Water Eaton Done for
Roz Glover Sat @ 01:09 Navigation Inn Back gone
Daniel Ivey Sat @ 01:13 Navigation Inn Missed cuttoff, walking in
Dominic (Dom) Osman-Allu Sat @ 01:29 Pear tree bridge Nausea
Cathy Harrison Sat @ 02:26 Br 99 Feeling rubbish
Daniel Aylott Sat @ 03:17 Br 99 Legs have come as far as they can
Andrew (Macca) Mckillop Sat @ 03:21 Water Eaton Too slow
Simon Staples Sat @ 04:05 Pear tree bridge 84 miles Severe chafing (don’t put on the notes)
Ivor Hewitt Sat @ 04:21 95 miles Legs are done
Dave Reynier Sat @ 05:40 Pace went down and down
Richard Lear Sat @ 05:43 Tring Reservoirs Hallucinations
Paul White Sat @ 06:00 Horton Wharf
Ian (Jarvo) Jarvis Sat @ 06:20 Water Eaton Exhausted
Philip (Phil) Kujawa Sat @ 06:23 Br 99 Nothing in the tank
Patrick Simpson Sat @ 06:23 Water Eaton Too tired
Rick Nicholls Sat @ 07:36 Cowley lock Struggling to weight-bear
Peter (PJ) Johnson Sat @ 08:00 Grove lock Back issue
Jeremy Webster Sat @ 08:13 Tring Nothing left
Karen Peck Sat @ 08:14 Grove lock Blisters and exhaustion
Ian Leech Sat @ 10:08 Br 126 Injury
Polly Wells Sat @ 10:56 Berkhamstead Bridge Got nothing left
Liz Chamberlayne Sat @ 15:23 Moving too slowly
Naomi Newton-Fisher Sat @ 16:04 Springwell Lock Bad blisters
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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