Leading from the off, Alex Whearity was oblivious to the heat on Friday and rain for the remainder, arriving in Paddington to take the win in a time of 26 hours and 15 minutes. Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here. 66 Starters. 24 Finishers.





Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their planned journey from Bristol to London:

KACR 2019 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Fiona Caldwell Fri @ 10:15 CP1 Locksbrook Inn Timed out
Barbara Steijl Fri @ 12:06 CP2 Parson's Bridge Bad back
Chris Wells Fri @ 12:50 CP2 Parson's Bridge Throwing up
Imke Siegerist Fri @ 12:55 Between CP1 and CP2 Got lost a few times
Eddie Mills Fri @ 13:15 CP2 Parson's Bridge Didn't make the cut-off
Vanessa Brewster Fri @ 13:15 CP2 Parson's Bridge Didn't make the cut-off
Charlotte Davey Fri @ 14:20 Between CP2 and CP3 Feeling nauseous
Adam Jacobs Fri @ 15:10 Bridge Inn Twinge in the groin
Daniel Albon Fri @ 15:20 Mile 36 Hobbling badly
Sebastien Betouret Fri @ 16:55 CP4 Oakhill Down Bridge Struggling from CP2
Szilard Csiha Fri @ 17:25 CP3 Barge Inn Out of time
Julian Howard Fri @ 18:45 52 miles Doesn't fancy running another 24 hours
Gavin Collins Fri @ 18:45 CP4 Oakhill Down Bridge Happily depressed
Nicola Burston Fri @ 19:05 CP4 Oakhill Down Bridge Nauseous. A little heat stroke
Robert Fairs Fri @ 19:19 Hungerford "That was horrible". Had enough, but happy.
Simon Lord Fri @ 20:55 CP4 Oakhill Down Bridge Struggling to eat properly
Andrew Leeson Fri @ 21:00 CP4 Oakhill Down Bridge Vomiting
Paul Beechey Fri @ 21:28 CP6 Cunning Man
Raymond Hasler Fri @ 21:50 CP4 Oakhill Down Bridge Missed cut-off
Mark Woodhall Fri @ 21:50 Between CP4 and CP5 Bit of heatstroke
Ian Shelley Sat @ 00:25 "My feet are killing me"
Andy Ives Sat @ 01:40 CP5 Whitehouse Roving Bridge Missed the cut-off
Jamie O'Connor Sat @ 04:03 CP6 Cunning Man
Danny Pike Sat @ 04:03 "Had enough"
Joe Stephens Sat @ 04:15 Between CP5 and CP6 Soaked through
Ollie Goulden Sat @ 05:21 "Done in"
Mich Hardie Sat @ 07:00 108 miles "Binning it"
Rachael Mitchell Sat @ 07:54 Between CP6 and CP7 Exhausted
Otto Karhunen Sat @ 08:00 CP7 Flower Pot Hip injury
Richard Cranswick Sat @ 08:02 CP7 Flower Pot
Mark Denby Sat @ 08:34 CP8 Marsh Lane Injury, cold, and wet
Sandra Tullett Sat @ 10:04 120 miles Sickness
Mark Barnett Sat @ 10:20 CP8 Marsh Lane Ankle's gone
Mark Bebbington Sat @ 11:06 105 miles Injured knee
Marcel McKinley Sat @ 11:25 CP8 "Not happening today"
Andy Earp Sat @ 12:33 CP7 Flower Pot Had enough
Alistair Potter Sat @ 13:45 Marlow Had enough
Brian Robb Sat @ 14:00 Between CP6 and CP7 Missed cut-off
David Bieling Sat @ 15:00 CP8 Marsh Lane
Nick Gkikas Sat @ 16:35 CP8 Marsh Lane
John MacDougall Sat @ 16:35 CP8 Marsh Lane
Thane Hall Sat @ 17:51 CP8 Marsh Lane Seized up
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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