Non-stop blistering heat was not enough to stop Alex Whearity claiming his third Canalrace win of the season in 22 hours and 55 minutes, taking the 2019 Canalslam title and setting the new accumulated time record. Louise Smart remained cool to win her first Canalrace C.I.C. event in 28 hours and 30 minutes. Congratulations to all finishers.

Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here.

59 Starters. 36 Finishers.

LLCR 2019 Winners


Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their planned journey from Liverpool to Leeds:

LLCR 2019 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Nathan Taylor Sat @ 10:35 CP2
Rebecca Henry-Brown Sat @ 13:30 Two miles away from CP3 Struggling with heat
Fritz Rietkötter Sat @ 15:15 CP3 Heat
Stephen Thompson Sat @ 15:15 Between CP3 and CP4 Struggling with heat
Nick Gkikas Sat @ 15:47 5 miles from CP4 Recent illness
John MacDougall Sat @ 16:20 Bridge 105 Sun taken its toll
Dirk Kiwus Sat @ 20:39 65 miles Heat
Alan Griffin Sat @ 20:55 Around mile 60 Old injury
Andrew Jones Sat @ 20:58 70 miles
Samantha Morris Sat @ 21:37 Bridge 94
Christos Sarafelntin Sat @ 22:15 Bridge 103 Heat
Emily Plummer Sun @ 00:00
Graeme Boxall Sun @ 00:41 CP5 Had enough
Edward Blakey Sun @ 00:42 Between CP5 and CP6
Richard Thompson Sun @ 01:36 CP5
Mathew Hibbert Sun @ 01:36 CP5
Stephen Hobbs Sun @ 02:36 103 miles Calf injury
Ian Sanderson Sun @ 02:56 CP6 Had enough
Deborah Jewson Sun @ 03:08 CP6 Had enough
Steven Thompson Sun @ 06:21 84 miles Nothing left
Iain Bethune Sun @ 06:39 CP7 Moving too slowly
Brett Longstaff Sun @ 06:50 81 miles Not moving
Rhys Jenkins Sun @ 07:26 CP6
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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