Sergey Ionov stayed in the game to ultimately take the victory, finishing in 23 hours 41 minutes – quite a feat following his 3rd place finish at Badwater 135 five weeks ago. First lady Chloe Brooks ran confidently from start to finish, arriving at Office Lock in 32 hours 6 minutes and taking five and a half hours off her previous best. Congratulations to all finishers.

Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here.

70 Starters. 43 Finishers.

LLCR 2021 Winners

Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their planned journey from Liverpool to Leeds:

LLCR 2021 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Martin Ilott Sat @ 07:01 5 miles Pulled calf muscle
Richard Yeadon-Wright Sat @ 11:40 Checkpoint 2 Injury flare up
Patrick Reilly Sat @ 13:08 Checkpoint 3 Can’t get legs going
Anne Marie Lord Sat @ 14:18 Britannia bridge Doesn’t feel well
Mark Allen Sat @ 17:26 Between CP3 and 4 Calf injury
Nick Thompson Sat @ 17:30 CP3 Missed cuttoff
John Poole Sat @ 19:15 CP4 Now I’m knackered
Laura Watts Sat @ 19:54 59 miles Sore feet and blisters
Scott Wilson Sat @ 20:10 Bridge 88 Moving too slow
Philip Vincent Sat @ 20:27 Between CP4 and 5 Ground to a halt
Sergejs Malins Sat @ 20:45 72 miles Tendon problems
Aj Marchant Sat @ 21:04 Between CP4 and 5 Legs are gone
Mark Denby Sat @ 21:45 Bridge 168 Achilles problem
David Fawkner Sat @ 22:06 Bridge 107a
Grant Smalley Sat @ 22:20 71 miles Foot injury
Adrian Hingley Sat @ 22:32 Voicemail. No other information
Baz Taylor Sat @ 22:53 Bridge 114 Sprained ankle
Zoe Smith Sun @ 00:10 CP5 Had it
Imke Siegerist Sun @ 00:55 Just before CP5 Not going to make cuttoff
Diana Obermeyer Sun @ 01:10 Bridge 113a Missed CP5 cuttoff
Simon Sparkes Sun @ 03:22 CP6 Legs are gone
James Howgego Sun @ 05:40 CP6 Seized up!
Annabelle Lancaster Sun @ 07:41 CP7 Tiredness and blisters
George Johnstone Sun @ 08:12 Bridge 161 Blisters
Christopher Rickard Sun @ 08:26 Injury, can’t run any more
Vicky Yeomans Sun @ 09:20 Bridge 165 Feeling sick, can’t make the cuttoff
Richard Thompson Sun @ 10:07 Bridge 174a Knee gone, don’t know where
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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