First-timer Martin Heggie wins in 23 hours 48 minutes – he’s obviously “born for this shit!”. Michelle White was First Lady in 28 hours 30 minutes. Congratulations to all finishers.

Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here.

79 Starters. 43 Finishers.

Unfortunately, the following had to cut short their journey:

LLCR 2023 Retirements

Name Retired on Retired at Notes
Peter Heywood Sat @ 11:12 CP 2 Injury coming into the race.
Russell Tullett Sat @ 16:27 Bridge 73 Groin strain
Chris Kenwright Sat @ 16:30 45.6 miles Legs are done
Dominic Allen Sat @ 17:21 Adlington, Bridge Inn Sick and coughing.
Mark Allen Sat @ 17:21 Adlington, Bridge Inn Running with son who is sick and coughing.
Marie Sly Sat @ 18:21 60 miles Calf injury
Lee Trickett Sat @ 18:37 Top Lock pub Knees and feet are shot.
Sean Doherty Sat @ 20:32 CP5 Finished
Richard Coates Sat @ 21:10 CP4 Chasing cutoff
Philip Vincent Sat @ 22:05 Bridge 114a Can't go any further
Blaine Emmett Sat @ 22:19 2 miles before CP5 Everything seized up.
Gordon Richards Sat @ 23:30 Dunkenhaigh aqueduct Can't go any further.
Stefanie Allen Sat @ 23:48 CP5 Don't feel very well.
Richard Wilcox Sat @ 23:55 68 miles Not feeling too good.
Andrew Low Sun @ 00:00 CP5
Suzanne Foster Sun @ 00:24 Fosters swing bridge Can't get to next CP
Zoe Smith Sun @ 00:24 Fosters swing bridge Can't get to next CP
Charles Baxter Sun @ 00:50 CP5 A bit knackered
James Viney Sun @ 00:50 CP5 A bit knackered
Shaun Clapham Sun @ 01:59 Burnley Exhausted
Matthew Ma Sun @ 02:32 CP7 Got too cold. Legs seized up.
Martin Cox Sun @ 03:23 Bridge 139
Darren Clarkson Sun @ 03:40 Bridge 136 Back seized up.
Victoria Baker Sun @ 04:38 CP6 Just everything
Steven Thompson Sun @ 04:40 CP6 Sore feet
Paul Mcmanus Sun @ 05:23 Broughton road
Henrik Berg Jepsen Sun @ 05:56 Skipton
Jason Littlewood Sun @ 06:02 ///bake.official.nightfall
Paul Barnicott Sun @ 06:03 CP6 Possible tendon rupture
Mark Coutts Sun @ 06:38 CP6 Blisters, too painful.
Simon Robertson Sun @ 07:52 CP7 Not keeping food down.
Mike Preston Sun @ 10:25 Bridge 165 Moving too slowly
Danny Bailey Sun @ 10:30 9 miles from the finish Raw feet. Can't get shoes back on.
Alzbeta Benn Sun @ 12:28 CP7 Timed out
Alex Round Sun @ 12:44 104 miles Ankle injury
Edward Blakey Sun @ 13:36 about an hour after leaving CP7 Not going to make the next cut off
Note: Time and place of retirement are approximate.

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